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"My assigned PT Valeria and Dr. Shraddha are amazing professionals. Also, Sophie and Melissa assisted in the best way possible. Jessica was super helpful with arranging the sessions and follow ups. They did an amazing job treating my leg pain, and neck pain. Especially, I want to give a huge thank you to Valeria for her amazing hands, kind and sincere approach. She is an amazing specialist. The ambience in the center is very friendly, welcoming, and caring. All the specialists work together and back each other up. I would come to the center to do the exercises with great pleasure every time and would leave feeling physically much better and stronger. I recommend this center to all seeking help with alleviating their pain."
Nov 28, 2023
"Excellent treatment and care at the Brooklyn location. Staff is great and professional. "
Nov 20, 2023
"Dr. Shraddha is great. The best physical therapist I have ever seen. I came in with significant shoulder pain in my right shoulder. After a few weeks of working with Dr. Shraddha I am free of pain and have much better range of motion. Highly recommend."
Sep 27, 2023
"Could not be more pleased with Millennium Physical Therapy. From my PT, Shraddha, Jessica at the front desk, Sophie & Melissa & even the staff not assigned to me. Everyone is just incredibly friendly. They have been truly invested in my improvement. Great music & overall great experience! I highly recommend it. "
Sep 25, 2023
"I just finished my last PT session. The improvement in my knee and hip problems is quite phenomenal. All thanks to Dr. Patil and Melissa!!!!!!! Dr. Patil is very knowledgeable on many levels. Melissa assists efficiently and calmly through the whole process. When I first started I was in pain from my lower back down to my feet and having problems walking. My treatments have reduced the pain through one-on-one treatment. And they have been a learning experience in what exercises I need to do on a daily basis. I also want to mention the wonderful experience of working with Jessica at the front desk. Never a problem booking appointments or making payments. She is thorough with information on insurance. And from the moment you step through the front door you are greeted with a smile. I thank everyone!!!!!"
Sep 19, 2023
"Millennium physical therapy in Astoria once again gave me professional, courteous attention in each session. My path to recovery was excellent and the therapists were attentive to my day-to-day needs."
Sep 15, 2023
"Great Job Thanks a lot Was able to get back my health and able to walk and jog normally The care and kindness of one of the staff members Ms Valeria Covello PTA was exceptional though all did their best Thank you again "
May 05, 2023
"For approximately 4 months I have suffered from debilitating neck and shoulder pain. Thankfully I was referred to Millennium PT. As of today, I am a different person. The staff is top notch, especially Shreya Patel, my physical therapist! Cannot give a higher recommendation! "
Mar 02, 2023
"Teddy, I would like to thank you and your medical staff as well as the front desk for all the help you gave me after I had a knee replacement in October, 2022. You have worked on my knee about 3x a week for four months, and have done a miraculous job in healing my pain. I cannot express how grateful enough I am to you all. Your services at "Millennium" Therapy are far and beyond what I expected. You always made my visits enjoyable. It was hard getting there at first, but then I got in my routine, and just enjoyed all of you. I highly recommend your office to anyone who needs therapy. Teddy, thanks for also helping me with my shoulder and back pain, as your massages and therapy helped me heal the pain I was having. Thank you all for your excellence in servicing our community in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.. Joan Venezia"
Feb 14, 2023

I started coming in December 2015 for a repaired patella tendon tear, with my mobility and range of motion severely restricted. A long and slow recovery, but making progress thanks to the awesome staff here. Marina is absolutely fantastic, and shares in my struggle to get my knee moving again, including celebrating when I hit certain milestones. All the therapists- Luis, Sarah, Chris, Oscar- are friendly and engaging, and help with the exercises and keeping you motivated, the right balance of pushing you when you need it (I call Oscar my drill sergeant lol) but making sure that it’s within your capabilities.

The front staff are upbeat and welcoming. The facility is a bit on the small side, but this actually is good for more personalized service, and I’ve never had to wait or felt unattended to.

I still have several more weeks ahead of me, but I am confident the staff will help me continue in progressing!

-Lalena L

The best PT ever. Doctors are knowledgeable and caring. Doctors spend at least 1 hour with a patient each session. The facility is super clean. All the PTs that I have tried in Manhattan cannot be compared to Millennium.
P.S. I had an ACL Reconstruction.

-Mariya M

Physical Therapy is so relaxing and positive at Millennium! The staff is always very warm and constantly check in with you to make sure you’re doing alright. I highly recommend Millennium if you need PT! I look forward to getting back there after my surgery!

-Nicole L

Everyone in this office is super friendly and very helpful! Everyone from the front desk to the multiple therapists on staff- you’re in good hands! I had to get surgery for my torn ACL, and afterward I came here because it was in my neighborhood. They’ve helped me recover, let me take time off from therapy for personal reasons and come back where I left off, and all made this a much nicer experience than it had to be.

Thanks guys for everything!!

-Emma G.

I came to Millennium physical therapy after I received ACL reconstruction on my left knee. The moment I walked in I was greeted by well mannered receptionists. The front desk people always have a positive attitude.

I started seeing my physical therapist Marina 3 times a week, and she invested so much time in getting my knee stronger. Marina truly cared about how I was doing on a daily and weekly basis. She is extremely knowledgable, friendly and helpful. Marina always had answers to all my questions.

Chris and Oscar also helped me with my recovery. They constantly checked up on me and made sure my exercises were done correctly. They both have great personalities and made me comfortable while I was there. They’re knowledgable and were a huge help.

Overall, the office is clean and equipment is well kept. Everyone there is very knowledgable, professional, and genuinely invested in getting all their patients back on their feet as quickly as possible. I will definitely recommend this place to friends, family and colleagues.

-Kenneth B.

I tore my ACL playing roller derby and had ACL reconstruction surgery on my right knee 8 weeks ago.
For the first 6 weeks after surgery, I was going to another physical therapy place in Queens. It was on my surgeon’s recommended list of PT places, but I was dissatisfied. It felt more like a physical therapy farm, and as an athlete who has been skating 4-5 days/week and seeing a personal trainer for years, I wanted something more challenging and individualized.

I found Millennium on the Hospital for Special Surgery’s website (they are part of the HSS Rehabilitation Network). It’s walking distance from my apartment on Astoria, and the website says the sessions are one-on-one, so I decided to give it a shot.

Millennium Physical Therapy is small but rarely crowded. I’ve worked with 3 different therapists there and I like them all. The sessions are mostly one-on-one; I’ve found that at most the therapist is bouncing between working with me and one other person, or bouncing between me and filling out paperwork. They have a few TVs so I’ve been able to watch the World Cup games while icing or riding the stationary bike.

My only regret is not switching PT places sooner. Seriously. I’ve noticed so much improvement in my quad strength in just the 3 weeks I’ve been going. If I wasn’t moving to DC shortly, I’d be really excited to finish out my remaining months of PT here.

-Kristen B.

I was in search of a therapist in Astoria close to my job. The ENTIRE staff is very welcoming and professional. They exceeded my expectations. I would get stuck sometimes with a client at work and would have to change my appointment around and they were always very understanding and very attentive. They really paid attention to the help I needed and addressed the issue. The therapists were all very friendly and knew what they were doing. I’m still going to therapy because I have little sensation on my foot but it has improved tremendously since I started coming here.

-Nat T.

Would very much recommend Millennium in Astoria. I was here for some knee PT and really liked the care and the work helped me get back on the (tennis) court. Louis was my therapist and he was very competent and attentive and helped answer all my questions, and pleasant to work with. Support staff and front desk staff were also very nice and helpful. Would definitely good back for a tune up. They also don’t overload you with paperwork.

-Bruce M.

I found this place while i was searching for a physical therapy place for my shoulder separation injury.
These guys are awesome! Every single one of them! They are so good at what they do, also they are very nice and kind to you.
I still have one more week to go and i feel great, i gained all my shoulder mobility back and gaining more strength every day.
I am so lucky to find this place and extremely happy with every part of it.
Thank you very much guys!

-Serkan K.

This is a great PT place. I had a total knee replacement 2 months ago. The care I got here has helped my recovery so much. I had done some physical therapy here prior to the surgery and that really helped. The whole staff is very friendly and has answered all my questions. They work well together and get the job done. If you need physical therapy, this is the place to go!

-Mary C.

Awesome staff! They are very professional, pleasant, and make you comfortable and happy, albeit PT can be quite the opposite. I recovered more swiftly than anticipated and regained full usage of my knee post surgery. Specials thanks to Louis P, Oscar, Elena, and Chris for their support and laughs!

-Katherine K.

I had a Total Knee Replacement and after my home therapy ended I chose Millennium for my out patient therapy. I researched places in my neighborhood and Millennium is 5 blocks from my home, however I didn’t know while doing my research that they are recommended on the Hospital for Special Surgery’s website (where I had my surgery). I certainly made the right choice. The staff is friendly, the therapists are great and very eager to answer any questions and give me feedback on my progress. The facility is clean, modern and very nicely decorated. I am planning surgery on my other knee next year and will certainly return to Millennium.

-Marianne C.

I had an accident 3 months ago, I picked this place after reading reviews on Yelp. I must say this place deserves 5 stars. Great place! Clean with latest instruments. Staff is amazing, very accommodating, they pretty much always run on schedule. Almost no wait time. Scheduling/rescheduling appointments has never been an issue. Both physical therapists Dr. Latika and Dr. Teddy are fantastic. Cheers to the staff girls/my new Greek tutors (Angela, Laura, Irene, Jennifer and Jackie) very polite, always smiling, friendly, efficient and fun to interact. My therapy is ongoing and I have no complains.

-Keyur M.

Went to the Astoria location and the service and professionalism is amazing. The desk staff and PT’s are so nice, knowledgeable and to the point. Makes the PT experience more enjoyable. Most of all, appointment time is respected and they don’t overbook.

-Mary M.

I’ve been to physical therapy before and I have to say this has been a very different experience. First of all is the space itself. If you’re expecting the usual dingy office with fluorescent overhead lights, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the almost spa-like decor: recessed lighting, hardwood floors, warm colors and cozy design touches. No lying on an exam table in the middle of a room: here you’ll be in a private cubicle with a curtain surrounding you during your treatment. The gym in the back is small but has what you need, and is spotlessly clean, like the rest of the area.

More important than the decor, of course, is the therapy itself. “Dr. Teddy” as he is known, is a virtual medical encyclopedia of information, and if you’re interested will tell you exactly which muscle is involved and what he can do to relieve pain and get you on the way to feeling better. He and his clinical staff are friendly yet professional, available for conversation if you’re up for it while respecting your need for privacy. The front desk staff are also friendly and efficient, and will accommodate your schedule to the best of their ability.

I had a no-fault insurance case but I’m sure they take most insurance. Considering that the same insurance will cover coming to Millenium and any of the lesser quality PT places in the area, it’s just a natural choice to come here.

-Jackie L.

I have to start by saying physical therapy is not aways fun but the staff at Millennium make it as pleasant as possible! The doctors are very knowledgable. I have been here on two separate occasions for two unrelated issues and have always been treated well by the staff. I have only been seen by Dr. Neamonitis and he has always been professional. He is always willing to answer my questions.

The assistants are all very sweet and helpful.

The place is also spotless which is über important especially after visiting the other facilities in the area.

-Angie L

Alright so I go to the flushing/bayside branch right off of Francis Lewis Boulevard and I love it. The staff is super cool and friendly and always there to help with whatever you need. My therapist Andrew is frickin awesome. When I came in with a rotator cuff tear prior to surgery he helped me work out a program to help strengthen the area so I would have a quicker recovery. I was really upset with the fact that I had just taken my boxing career seriously right before it was discovered that I had this tear. But Andrew and the rest of the team here have been nothing but supportive and fun, I always have had a great time going there. Highly recommended.

-Robert M.

I have been going for physical therapy at Millennium for a while now. Jaime has been treating my shoulder after major surgery and I am very, very happy. He is fantastic and has worked hard to get me better. Dr. Teddy has treated me as well on occasion, and he is very professional and has given me great tips on work-outs and stretches. My strength and range of motion is just about at 100% and I could not have done this without their help and expertise.

The facilities are clean and well-maintained. They have state of the art equipment and I never needed to wait to use them or for therapy. The staff is fantastic and friendly and all very nice. Keep up the great work that you do.

If you need physical therapy, Millennium is absolutely the place to get yourself better.

-Adam B.

When you first walk in the door you are greeted by the very friendly Lauren which always have a smile on her face. After waiting only a few minutes you are brought in the therapy area by Johny. Who is always running from patient to patient but alway have time to talk about you therapy and sports etc. The therapist Latika is really great at her job she is very friendly. The place is alway clean and have good equipment. I would recommend this place to other in need of physical therapy.

-Dave R

Latika is amazing! Having severe back pain for over a year has altered a lot of my daily activity. I felt as if I’d never see another normal day. Since my first visit she assured me everything will be okay overtime, and within just a little over three weeks most of the pain is gone and I am finally able to move my body freely without regretting or planning any movement I make. I initially went in for my pain, not the appearance of any deformity or muscle inflammation but Latika took that in her own hands and has really altered the appearance of my back as well. My posture has improved and the severe inflammation is gone!
I highly recommend her and am so thankful I have crossed paths with her, she has changed my life and has helped me believe in my healing process.

Aside from my personal experience there, the other therapists seem to be just as educated and caring as her. I would highly recommend Millennium if you are looking to begin physical therapy.

-Vicky V.

After turning 56 I had a total knee replacement and I feared that it would end my career as a flight attendant. Under the expert care at Millennium Physical Therapy I was able to return to work. Dr. Neamonitis developed a physical therapy program to help achieve my goal. His competent and knowledgeable treatment, with the assistance of a compassionate and excellent team, allowed me to become most confident in my abilities and maximize the benefit of a very serious surgery.

The front office personnel made the difficulties with dealing with the ‘insurance people’ easier. When Dr. Teddy wasn’t personally treating me, the other physical therapists contributed to my progress. Without all their care I truly believe I would never have celebrated my thirtieth anniversary as a flight attendant this year.

I truly recommend the services and care of the team at Millennium Physical Therapy. More than just treatment it is a place to heal; by people who care about you. Thank you Dr. Teddy and thank you all for helping me return to the job I love.

-Joe Abamonte

First and foremost I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful service you offered me. When I first started physical therapy I walked with a walker. In a few weeks I was able to go the Holy Lands walking with the aide of a cane. For the past few weeks I have walked without a cane. The other day I ran to get the bus. Believe it or not I caught the bus.”

-Patricia Natale

I went to Millennium Physical Therapy after suffering a severe ankle injury. Since I finished PT the ankle has been great! I have been running (I am up to 4.5 miles at my regular pace) and have been playing soccer, and experience no pain. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for the excellent care I received at your office.

-Michelle P.

After injuring my left knee in a skiing accident the staff at Millennium Physical Therapy helped me get back in no time. Dr Neamonitis is extremely knowledgeable and a very compassionate person. I would highly recommend this office to anyone in need of physical therapy.

-Vicky N.

I can’t thank you enough for the excellent care I received at your practice. I came in to your office the first day in pain and nervous about the care I would receive despite being referred to your office by my doctor who highly recommended you. I had pain in my back and legs and numbness in both my feet. I am extremely happy to say I made a full recovery! You truly have changed my life. I don’t know what I would have done without your help!

-Samantha R.

I was a physical therapy patient with your practice after having a serious car accident. As you already know, beyond the disc herniations to my cervical spine, I had arthroscopic surgery on my left shoulder.

I wish to thank Ms. Solanlly Santos, who, although was not in charge of my medical care, was nonetheless helpful in terms of my paperwork and the administrative aspect of my condition. Furthermore, I can’t possibly forget your receptionist, Hara Saridakis, who was the primary reason for which I came to your practice. She was friendly, pleasant, talkative, always professional, and on top of her work. It is those qualities that distinguish her from any other medical office staff that I have encountered over the years, and which make her an excellent emblem for your practice.

In terms of the two Physical Therapy Aides, Oscar Flores and Liszy Torres, I must say, that beyond their great work, constant monitoring, and assistance towards me, they provided an extremely pleasant and comfortable environment for me. For somebody like me who feels uncomfortable in medical and therapy environments, they provided the atmosphere and friendly setting that allowed me to attend all my sessions. I hope you understand that, although the therapists do the work in your office, it is these aides who maintain a strong and irenic atmosphere as well.

Finally, in terms of Dianne Tinana, my primary Physical Therapist, I do not believe I have enough time to describe the invaluable impact she has had on me. She was patient with me when I was uncomfortable or in pain; extremely methodical in her therapeutic strategies that ultimately cured me to a great extent; always focused on me whatever the circumstances; and very amiable and friendly as to win over the trust and respect of her patients, including me. For that, I am grateful to you for having such a great Physical Therapist like Ms. Tinana.

Your practice provided me with a safe haven whereby I could recover from my pain and incapacity. As such, I wholeheartedly thank you for everything that you and your great staff have done. Keep up the good work.

-Paul S.