17 Years Delivering Exceptional Care
Top 10 physical therapists in Queens, NY
Millennium Physical Therapy has been recognized as a top Queens Physical Therapy practice in 2015. Congratulations to the entire team!
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"I can’t thank you enough for the excellent care I received at your practice. I came in to your office the first day in pain and nervous about the care I would receive despite being referred to your office by my doctor who highly recommended you. I had pain in my back and legs and numbness in both my feet. I am extremely happy to say I made a full recovery! You truly have changed my life. I don’t know what I would have done without your help!"

"I went to Millennium Physical Therapy after suffering a severe ankle injury. Since I finished PT the ankle has been great! I have been running and have been playing soccer, and experience no pain. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for the excellent care I received at your office."

"I truly recommend the services and care of the team at Millennium Physical Therapy. More than just treatment it is a place to heal; by people who care about you. Thank you Dr. Teddy and thank you all for helping me return to the job I love."

"After injuring my left knee in a skiing accident the staff at Millennium Physical Therapy helped me get back in no time. Dr Neamonitis is extremely knowledgeable and a very compassionate person. I would highly recommend this office to anyone in need of physical therapy."

Founded in 2004

Millennium Physical Therapy's mission is to deliver exceptional care and achieve complete patient satisfaction. We are dedicated to excellence in our field. We have built our reputation on offering unsurpassed, personalized care.

At Millennium Physical Therapy, we accomplish our mission by providing the most experienced and well-trained physical therapists. We pride ourselves in our compassionate personal interaction, which begins with your reception by our front desk and support personnel, and ends with our professional clinical staff.

We strive to make your health better in order to allow you to accomplish your goals. Our staff understands that the recovery process can be a stressful time. We want to help you see results quickly, and help you learn how to maintain your health - LONG TERM!

Through our personalized one-on-one sessions we will utilize proven manual therapy techniques, appropriate exercise, and the various modalities needed to treat your condition. We will explain your condition, and provide you with a self-care and home exercise program.

Our main objective is for our patients to return to their optimum level of function - PAIN FREE!

What We Can Do For You

  • We provide service to all ages, from infants to seniors, and treat all types of injuries, from sprains and strains to post-surgery.
  • Our post-surgery patients recover completely from their surgery faster. Even if they don't like to exercise, lack motivation, or are just not coordinated.
  • Our physical therapists can significantly improve mobility to help you perform your daily activities.
  • Our physical therapists are trained to treat sports injuries. If you are a weekend warrior or a highly trained athlete we will devise the program that’s right for your condition.
  • Our physical therapists can provide an alternative to painful and expensive surgery, in many cases.

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